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NuVerus Internet Success Kit - Free with Fast Start Package Purchase!

NuVerus Success Kit Includes: Immediate placement in the Global Genealogy of NuVerus. 1 year subscription to a personalized NuVerus web site and virtual online office system. In addition I understand my web site and back office will have custom E-Commerce Shopping Carts and a Custom Enrollment applications to allow me to enroll Customers and new Associates.

I understand that the company reserves the right to charge a yearly renewal fee for my website and virtual office system starting 1 year from the date of the processing of this application.

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When you enroll as a new Associate, we recommend you purchase a Fast Start Package. This will provide you with an initial inventory of product to share with your family, and to sample with your friends and prospects. Your Fast Start Package will also determine your entry level commissions.

How to choose the package that is right for you:
When you begin building your NuVerus business, you will want to earn the highest commissions possible. As you can see below, the Fast Start Package you purchase will determine the % commission you earn when you refer New Associates and Customers.

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